Royal Birthday

Purple is the color of royalty. I’m wearing purple. Therefore I must be the Queen.

Evening weather was cool enough to wear my wig without getting heat stroke, so I planned my birthday outfit around purple hair. Yes, it’s my only wig. The only two hair colors I’ve ever wanted are jet black and purple, and I wasn’t in the mood to buy a black wig.













Birthday Queen fashion details:
Jacket is royal purple, deep turquoise, citron lime and black. 60/40 silk/polyester, quilt-look stitching, select frayed seams.
Nail polish (out of picture) matches the jacket turquoise exactly.
Black velveteen short sleeve shirt.
Necklace — Chinese replica coins, turquoise, lapis, malachite, aquamarine, wire-wrap, cloisonne enamel. Private collection.
Brass and shell earrings can be purchased here:

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Today is the halfway point of this chemo regimen! Royal celebration for all!

Author: MeredithLaskow

Artist, writer, and unrepentant nerd girl.

16 thoughts on “Royal Birthday”

  1. You look divinely purplicious! Congratulations on being on the good side of the half-way point! Xoxoxoxo

      1. I notice that my purplicious hat has a teeny tiny orange flower painted on one side of it…I will treasure this purple party hat and this joyous celebration of life forever. Ripple onward and upward!

  2. Oh Precious! Your professional prose, propelled by your perfect purple presence, pulled off a pzassy fashion pitch, which would pep up a purky peacock’s tail! 🙂

  3. I absolutely Love your wig!!!! I am thinking of getting one for myself in purple, like you, or maybe a interesting mixture of greyish and lots of black …. Or a deep, burgundy red. Meredith, if you had one more wig, you could change your hair color by they way you are feeling each day. What do you think?

    Anyway, a very belated Happy Birthday ❤️??⚡️????????????????????????❤️???❤️

    1. Iva, I went to a wig store looking for a second wig, something more “age-appropriate” — which means purple and silver lol, maybe short and spiky. The store owner said she hadn’t seen that, but maybe I could find it online (which I already knew, but it’s fun to look.) We’re entering into summer — too bleeping hot to wear a wig until very late October, by which time I “may” have hair growing back.

  4. I am impressed Meredith! Youlook quite amazing! Keep up the good fight…looks like you are winning. love always.

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