Royal Birthday

Purple is the color of royalty. I’m wearing purple. Therefore I must be the Queen.

Evening weather was cool enough to wear my wig without getting heat stroke, so I planned my birthday outfit around purple hair. Yes, it’s my only wig. The only two hair colors I’ve ever wanted are jet black and purple, and I wasn’t in the mood to buy a black wig.













Birthday Queen fashion details:
Jacket is royal purple, deep turquoise, citron lime and black. 60/40 silk/polyester, quilt-look stitching, select frayed seams.
Nail polish (out of picture) matches the jacket turquoise exactly.
Black velveteen short sleeve shirt.
Necklace — Chinese replica coins, turquoise, lapis, malachite, aquamarine, wire-wrap, cloisonne enamel. Private collection.
Brass and shell earrings can be purchased here:

                                                    * * * * *

Today is the halfway point of this chemo regimen! Royal celebration for all!