National Cancer Survivors Day

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Les and I visited the 2016 National Cancer Survivors Day in the parking lot of Kaiser Permanente. We browsed about twenty booths and went on the guided tour of the new Radiation Oncology Building. I wrote a message on a construction paper leaf which will be part of an “Inspirational Tree” in the Oncology waiting room. (“Hair is over-rated.”) From the props available outside the photo booth, we both chose silly novelty sunglasses, and I insisted on a pink-and-purple cowboy hat for Les.








The couple in the next picture designed their own T-shirts, and I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw her shirt. It says, “I didn’t lose a Boob. He’s still with me.”

Author: MeredithLaskow

Artist, writer, and unrepentant nerd girl.

14 thoughts on “National Cancer Survivors Day”

  1. I love the whole outfit…the head scarf goes so well with the glasses you’d think it was an intentional look. You look very “Meredith”, which is a joy to see, a beauty to behold and celebrate.

    1. Sharon, I always look very “Meredith” lol. My fashion motto: “It takes the same amount of time to put on interesting clothes as it takes to put on ugly ones.”

      1. LOL, yes, how could you look anything except very “Meredith”. I love and share your motto…it’s the same reasoning behind me wearing orange, mint greens and sunny yellows, especially on gloomy rainy days. And yes, they make me feel more “Sharon” than when I used to wear conformist colours. 🙂

  2. What a post! I loved seeing you and Les… so nice to get to know him, and yes, I can understand you picking out the pink and purple cowboy hat for your Hubby. He’s quite the handsome Dude in it. You two are a beautiful couple, with or without the novelty sunglasses.
    ‘Spiting’ a shitty situation with humor is the most powerful way to combat it, and hats off to all of you that are able to do so!

    1. Angelika, the last time I repeated nice comments to him, he said I was ruining his reputation lol. Cancer is a bitch and chemo is nasty, but I say “FU cancer” whenever I can.

  3. I respect how folks think of otherpeople by being an inspiration…Thank You both

  4. Keep pouring the lemonade until all the lemons are gone! Love the spirit you end Les send into the world!

  5. Meredith…I continue to be surprised and impressed how well you are holding up, how your true spirit still shines, speaks loudly and clearly actually, despite all this crap you have had to go through…I just love the pictures…you both look so “normal” (maybe that’s what others were trying to say about how you still look “Meredith”)…for you two, that is! I bet you are inspiring others to keep fighting, and that others are inspiring you. Hope to see you real soon!

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