Going, Going, Going …

Technicians extracted vials of blood to establish numbers for my baseline blood labs, so my oncologist would know what “normal” looked like before I started chemotherapy.

This is my baseline hair.

This is the last picture of my hair before I start chemo in two days.

Meredith joke: when people complain of having a bad hair day, I roll my eyes and snort, “I’ve had a bad hair life.”

Soon I will have a no-hair day, every day.


March 2016 MKL harlequin blouse

Fashion details:
The Harlequin blouse came from a thrift store, and it’s pure silk.
I made the Zuni-style ceremonial earrings, which are available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E0YW4X2

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12 thoughts on “Going, Going, Going …”

      1. I found a beautiful purple silk dress at the thrift store many years ago, in my very poor years when that was the only place I could shop. Got it for $2.00 because it was all rumpled. But I could see the possibilities beyond the wrinkles. Got it cleaned up and it was amazing! Soft, flowing, I felt like a million bucks in my $2.00 silk dress! Somewhere in my journeys through depression, I learned that wearing bright and happy colours actually does help to raise our morale…I still will put on orange when feeling down or shaky and it immediately perks me up and makes me think that anything is possible.

      2. Meredith, I love the Harlequin blouse, too. Long ago I had a floaty silk jacket in those colors. As I recall, one sleeve was one color, the other another, neither the color of the jacket front or back. But the lapels and the roll back cuffs were the same print – and it incorporated all the other colors.
        I loved that jacket and wore it a lot. My more traditional husband tolerated it, but didn’t understand why I loved it so much!
        Keep wearing things that lift your spirits – and thanks for reminding me where I can find your jewelry.

        1. Anne, I bet I would’ve loved that jacket, too! As an artist, I always gravitate towards color and design. “Traditional” never seems to fit me 😉

  1. Your smile is an inspiration sweetheart. You are beautiful and you will be beautiful with or without hair.

  2. I am not surprised at you for taking your bravery even further and sharing with us your journey! As for the hair…who needs it with the hot weather coming? I love you girlfriend! Angel Blessings!

    1. Love you, too, Cathi ♥ In 1998, I went through chemo in the summer and couldn’t even wear my wig, it was so bleeping hot. I don’t think of myself as brave, but I’m definitely persistent.

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