Side Effects, Revisited

I expect a lecture but I get none. Maybe I’m not the most difficult patient in chemotherapy this week.

The PA (physician’s assistant to my chemotherapy oncologist) talks about my side effects and suggests a proactive plan of action if I get heavy cramps and bloating again. There are no prescription drugs specifically addressing these symptoms, but activated charcoal and several OTC medications might help.

My side effects are considered mid-range for my chemo regimen — could’ve been better and could’ve been worse. If I want to go all Drama Queen, I need to be a lot sicker than I am, and I’d rather not.

Two days from my next infusion, I’m at 75-80% of what I was a month ago, and this is as good as it will get for the next four months. I’m still a little achy and tire easily, but I’m functional.

When I started chemo, my tumor was an elongated purple golf ball. Today I had an appointment with the PA and a separate consultation with a radiation oncologist. The really really, good news is — both of them had to search to locate the tumor.

Damn the side effects. Chemotherapy is working.

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    1. I do know. My treatment is the current best standard for this type of chemo — six sessions of the four drugs, every 3 weeks; and then an entire year of just one of the drugs. They never lessen the treatment — if anything, you get more if not doing well.

  1. YAY!! Thanks for writing a blog on your journey. When you complete all your treatments and have conquered this disease once again, you will have written one more chapter in your life and begun another.

    BTW, it’s great to connect again with my boomer buddies. Hello all you beautiful BWS friends!

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