…Almost Gone

Thursday I awake to a bunch of hair on my pillow, and Friday I awaken to more. Today I reach to brush hair out of my eyes and pull out a clump. And another, and another, and another.

Okay, that’s enough.

In 1998 I chopped hair which was halfway down my back to above my chin, but left it at that length until it all fell out because my husband got all whiny about, “Don’t cut your hair.” Several weeks of vacuuming my pillow every morning, vacuuming the floor, vacuuming my clothing, and pulling hairs out of the shower drain.

Not going to do that again.

I grab the scissors and cut it down to 1/2″ all around. I think this is the same haircut that Sigourney Weaver wore in Aliens, but I can’t remember for sure. When it gets too patchy, I’ll probably buzz it down to zero.

I think about taking a picture, and then I think not.

Author: MeredithLaskow

Artist, writer, and unrepentant nerd girl.

6 thoughts on “…Almost Gone”

  1. Think of all the shampoo money you will save? Buy yourself some really cute hats. And hair or no hair honey you are beautiful, sexy and strong.

    1. Thanks Dee 😀 When I took a shower yesterday, I reached for the shampoo and then said, “Why?” I’ve always worn hats and scarves, so I have a good supply.

  2. There was a woman on a game show on TV yesterday, almost bald from her recent chemo…perhaps I should have felt profound sadness, and I did weep a bit, but it was because in reality, she looked incredibly beautiful to me. I prayed for her, and for you, and for all those going through these terrible illnesses, but also gave thanks for her beautiful courage and the joyfulness in life that was shining out of her. Such beauty, as shines out of you even in the wake of such adversity, is a powerful testimony. I feel blessed to be allow to journey with you.

    1. Sharon, I’m glad you’re on the journey with me. ♥ When I was sick in 1998, cancer was still a little hush-hush and you rarely saw a bald head. Now, unfortunately, so many people have cancer, or know someone who does, that people are more open. To be on TV with chemo (non) hair is definitely the statement of a fighter.

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