Celebration, and a Contest

It’s been a helluva crappy year, and I’ve had neither reason nor energy to celebrate much of anything. However, after Friday’s pathology results — after I lifted the bricks off my shoulders, after I started breathing again, and after I had a few good night’s sleep — I realized I had to celebrate. Something. Anything. Because what is life about, if not to find a reason to celebrate everyday?

So I decided to give something away, as my way of saying “Thank You” to everyone who sent love and prayers during the difficult times. Pink ribbon jewelry (which I make) for breast cancer awareness. $40 worth, because today is my 40th wedding anniversary and it seems like as good a number as any.

One person will win the contest. To enter, leave a comment on this blog post (like “enter me.”) Contest ends 11:59 pm PST (or PDT — I can never remember which one we’re in) on September 30. Winner picked randomly and announced October 1.

If you’ve never left a comment on this blog before — it’s moderated to keep out spam, so your comment won’t appear until I approve it.

If you never read this blog before — seriously, do it. The story started in February.

If you want more information about the jewelry, details are here:

Good luck!

clear heart w. pearl
sterling or gold-filled
or plated clips        $10
white heart w. pearl
sterling or gold-filled
or plated clips       $10
white and clear
sterling or gold-filled
or plated clips        $10
clear round
sterling or gold-filled
or plated clips       $8
white round
sterling or gold-filled
or plated clips      $8
large white heart
shown: clips
or pierced     $8
white & clear bracelet
sterling hooks or gold-filled any size                $18
elastic bracelet
clear with rose quartz
any size              $11
elastic bracelet
white with rose quartz
any size              $11
light pink ribbon 18″ $10       pink cord any length $10 hot pink cord 16-1/2″  $10
white hearts, rose quartz
surgical steel
pierced or clips        $8
small white hearts
gold-filled pierced
or gold-tone clips    $8
Key chain  $5.50

Author: MeredithLaskow

Artist, writer, and unrepentant nerd girl.

15 thoughts on “Celebration, and a Contest”

  1. Meredith. I’ve read your blogs along your journey and have admired your courage and the beautiful way you tell a very challenging story. I would be honored to wear a piece of your beautiful jewelry to celebrate you!❤️

  2. Meredith, what a joyful post, I would love to enter your contest, but will be offline without reliable Internet access for most of October, working on a special project. So I won’t be able to respond to any announcement should I be lucky enough to win. But I wanted to come and shout “hurray” and celebrate your kindness and joy, and life. Xoxo

  3. Great idea. And as a “sister” of this awful disease, I would love to enter and would be honored to wear the jewelry and celebrate your winning fight.

  4. Meredith, I’ve said it many times on FB and on this blog. You are one of the MANY heroes of this AWFUL disease. I have witnessed family, friends and neighbors struggle to remain positive. I have shared your story and your strength with many of them, and hope your example was a small part of giving each of them the power to fight. Thank you for sharing yourself and your story. I would be honored to represent your message by wearing a piece of your jewelry.

    1. Nanci, I’m honored and grateful that you shared my story. It was my hope, always, that these words would go beyond my circle of friends to tell other people in this struggle, “Hey, you’re not alone.”

      During my first bout with breast cancer in 1998, it was a struggle 24/7 to get up and move past the depression — and some days, I didn’t get out of it at all. I just didn’t want to go to that place again. Send my love to friends and family ♥

  5. Meredith, what beautiful jewelry, and I’m sure it’s a conversation piece. I just wanted to say, I too won’t be around much on internet, and I really hope another friend who has been struggling with cancer, directly or indirectly, will have the honor of wearing your beautiful work. You are so right! CELEBRATE ! DANCE IN THE STREETS! Have a party! Wish I could organize one for you.

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