Side Effects, Revisited

I expect a lecture but I get none. Maybe I’m not the most difficult patient in chemotherapy this week.

The PA (physician’s assistant to my chemotherapy oncologist) talks about my side effects and suggests a proactive plan of action if I get heavy cramps and bloating again. There are no prescription drugs specifically addressing these symptoms, but activated charcoal and several OTC medications might help.

My side effects are considered mid-range for my chemo regimen — could’ve been better and could’ve been worse. If I want to go all Drama Queen, I need to be a lot sicker than I am, and I’d rather not.

Two days from my next infusion, I’m at 75-80% of what I was a month ago, and this is as good as it will get for the next four months. I’m still a little achy and tire easily, but I’m functional.

When I started chemo, my tumor was an elongated purple golf ball. Today I had an appointment with the PA and a separate consultation with a radiation oncologist. The really really, good news is — both of them had to search to locate the tumor.

Damn the side effects. Chemotherapy is working.