The Love of Friends

The first month, I told only ten people.

I didn’t wanted to speculate in lieu of information. I didn’t want to sound hopeful if my situation was bleak. I didn’t want to be morbid if I had no cause. I didn’t want to field questions for which I had no answers.

So I waited.

Until I had test results, doctors’ visits, prognosis, protocol. Until I could say, “This is what I have, this is what will happen.”

Until I could breathe.

Three days ago, I published my blog and emailed more than one hundred people. I posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

In three days, I received over fifty emails, thirty comments on my blog, and more messages and posts on Facebook than I can count.

The support and love is overwhelming. I feel arms encircling me from around the world, and a warm corner inside so many hearts. I feel prayers and good wishes.

In my limited waking hours, I answer all of you. Each email, each message, reminds me of how lucky I am.

I am overwhelmed and I am humbled. And I thank each and every person for reaching out and telling me you care.