Prayers and Blessings

When I sent the email about my cancer, one of my friends, Sam, wrote back suggesting that, “If you’re up to it, and if it will help in any way, it’d be nice for members of the (former) Wisdom Circle to gather, meet, chat, bless, encourage and positivize you.”

I was touched. The Circle ended two months ago, and it would be lovely to see my friends again.

I suggested local Tri-City Park for its easy paths encircling a lake. Water is a symbol of healing in almost all cultures, and I felt it would amplify my friends’ prayers.

                                                * * * * *

Ten people are called, and all ten show up. Many of them brings cards and gifts. We gather at picnic tables under a wooden awning.

People in the group offer me prayers, blessings, healing and positive energy. We share stories. I answer questions.

We walk along the lake. The afternoon is peaceful and perfect. A steady breeze cools bright blue skies.

As always, I am grateful for the wonderful friends who grace my life.

I am blessed.








L > R: Mark, Sam, Marty C., Sharon, me, Marty M., Rene, Carolyn, and Patti.
Helen and Cindy had to leave before the picture was taken.

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11 thoughts on “Prayers and Blessings”

  1. How kind and wonderful to have loving friends to care, surround, embrace and pray with you…love is such a powerful healing force. I hope my/our love joins with theirs and flows across time and space and brings blessing, comfort, healing and energy to your soul and spirit.

    1. Sharon, I believe in the connection of all energy, physical and spiritual, through time and space. Every time I read your posts, I feel your love and I smile ♥

      1. I’m glad…I wish with all my heart that you always feel loved and always know that you have many loving companions-along-your-way. xoxoxox

  2. Sharon is a gentle healer with her love.

    It’s truly a blessing to have found this circle of friends. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to go through a severe illness ‘without a little help from your friends’.

    1. Loving friends and family certainly help ease the burden. Support groups and the internet can be emotional lifeboats for people who are alone.

  3. You so deserve the loving, caring beautiful friends you surround yourself with and who reflect your beautiful soul! Stay strong, stay positive, stay loved!

  4. I am glad I was able to make it that day, Meredith. It was nice seeing you. I always enjoy our conversations.

  5. Oh Meredith! I am so glad for you. I believe in good friends, their energy and healing just by the great love they have for you and eachother. What a beautiful and healing experience for you. And bless you❤️

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